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HighPark Manicure

Organic Spa $40

Nail soak in an organic Epsom salt blend with essential oils, shape/trim, cuticle cut, exfoliating organic sugar scrub with an organic masque, paraffin wax, and hot towel treatment, and finish with polish.

Gel $37

Nail soak, shape, cuticle cut, polish, sugar scrub & hot towel treatment.

Luxury $35

Nail soak, shape, cuticle cut, buttercream & paraffin wrap to alleviate arthritis pain, followed with a hot towel treatment and polish.

Classic $25

Nail soak, shape, cuticle cut, relaxing sugar scrub massage with moisturizing lotion, followed up with hot towel treatment with polish.

HighPark Pedicure

Organic Spa $80

For the ultimate indulgence, start off your luxurious experience with a soak in an aromatic blend of essential oils and Epsom salt. Reshape/trim nails with detail buffing to a healthy shine, exfoliating organic sugar scrub with a tension-relieving organic masque with extra attention on heels with a paraffin wax treatment or cozy neck warmer. Follow up with a lavish 20-minute hot stone massage with a unique organic lotion oil. Finish with a hot towel treatment and polish.

Luxury $65

Reinvigorate your feet in a salt soak, a nail shape/trim, cuticle care, callus remover, and an exfoliating scrub treatment. Follow up with a vitalizing hot smooth hot stone treatment with an 14-minute tension relieving massage accompanied by our special butter lotion oil, indulging paraffin wax, hot towel treatment, and polish.

Athletic $55

Rejuvenate your feet in a relaxing salt soak, nail shape/trim, cuticle care, and electric foot file. Continue with a delightful sugar scrub exfoliation, moisturizing mask, and tension relieving 12-minute massage with our unique lotion oil. Finish with a relaxing hot towel treatment and polish.

Deluxe $45

Revitalize your feet in Epsom salt water, followed up with a trim/shape nail detail, cuticle care, a moisturizing masque, and circulation hot stone treatment. Finish with a tension-relieving 9-minute massage with lotion oil.

Classic $37

Enjoy and relax from the bottom of your soles to the top of your lower legs in a stimulating spa pedicure. Includes an aromatic foot soak, trim/shape nail detail, cuticle care, sugar scrub, and a 6-minute massage with a moisturizing lotion. Finish with hot towels followed by a polish of your choice.

Additional Services

Gel Polish $15 +
Polish Change $15
Gel Polish Change $28
Paraffin/Arthritis Pain Relief $10
Buff And Shine $8
Acrylic Remove $15
Gel Polish Removal $10
Nail Repair $5 +
Shape/Length $5 +
Design $5 +
French Tip $5 +

HighPark Nail Enhancements

Gel-Ex Full Set $75 +
Gel-Ex Fill In $65 +
Acrylic Full Set $40 +
Acrylic Fill-In $30 +
UV Gel-Set $50 +
UV Gel-Fill $40 +
Ombre Full Set $65 +
Ombre Fill In $50 +
Dip Powder $45 +
Dip With Tip $55 +
Dip French $55 +
Dip Mani $55 +

HighPark Waxing

Eyebrows $12 +
Lip or Lower Lip $10 +
Chin $12 +
Side Burns $15 +
Full Face $45 +
Under Arms $20 +
Full Legs $50 +
Full Arms $40 +
Half Legs $30 +
Half Arms $25 +
Eyebrow Tint $20 +

HighPark Foot Massage

15 Minutes $30
30 Minutes $60
60 Minutes $90


(Ages 11 & Under)
Manicure $18
Pedicure $28
Nail Polish Change $10
Toe Polish Change $15
Gel Polish $23
Gel Manicure $30
Gel Pedicure $40